Vinyl Flooring

If you want beautiful flooring in a wide selection of colors and styles that stands up to real-world wear and tear, choose vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is one of the most simple, yet beautiful, flooring options. It is relatively affordable and easy to install.

Our manufacturers have found many, many ways to improve vinyl so this flooring is better than ever. The latest technology strengthens the flooring so that it stands up to heavy traffic and resists scratches; and embossing allows for a variety of patterns and styles. Your home will be beautiful and your floors will last for years.

How is vinyl made?
Vinyl flooring is made up of different layers that each serve their own purpose. There is a vinyl core with a backing of felt or fiberglass. Then there is a printed “designer” layer, which is the part of the floor that is visible. The final layer is translucent vinyl and is called the “wear” layer. This is the part that you will be walking on. All of these layers are bound together using heat and pressure. The result is a slightly flexible, but strong material that can be used as residential or commercial flooring.

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